I like how this pic as my icon is from a really great folksy music video/song but

it also looks like a stick domin angrily yelling while on fire

pretty accurate icon i suppose ehehhe


gotta draw more nsfw monsters

i can’t seperate myself from nsfw material a huuge chunk of one of my stories/character ideas has it, might as well



"Sometimes while playing I like to mute the main music and play Wardruna in the background.  Their sound just suits the landscape of Skyrim - and their deep, haunting tunes give the dark ruins a whole new level of authenticity and suspense."

- Image credit: [x]


Zoids Blu-Ray Additional CGI Animation

   Oh how I wish they could make a zoids movie using this kind of animation.   

   Recommend to watch in HD.


I need a friend that would go to different forests and abandoned places with me




Ok so I’ve been quiet about this for some time now, and I thought I should break that silence and make this public. (Hey other people are posting art PSA’s, this ain’t new)

We are Artists, We are many

Being a artist on Tumblr alone isnt easy. There are millions of other people  doing the exact same thing you’re doing. Amongst all of them you can be overlooked so easily. Now I am familiar with all those PSAs about not worrying about being popular and loving your own art. Thats all well and good, no ones debating that. But we artist want to share our art with the world. We want to show everyone what we can do.

The Wall

When we receive praise and love for our work, thats the best feeling in the world for us. We all have friends, fellow artists or not, that support us. But here on Tumblr, your art might not get pushed out into the crowd. For myself as an example, I get a 1 reblog for every 10 likes on something. And this is only including when I originally post it. When art post is liked, no one else sees it. Likes stay hidden and don’t appear on others dashes. (And yes, some blog themes do show likes, this I am aware)

Likes are good, but Reblogs do a lot more

When someone reblogs your art, a whole new set of people get to see it. Most of them are people who have never seen your stuff before. For example, whenever Carbines Official WIldstar Tumblr reblogs my Wildstar art, I get bombarded with likes, reblogs even follows! But before that, when I post it in the first place, not much happens. Dont get me wrong, I’m grateful I get anything, but feedback and notoriety is what keeps an artist like me going, and many others as well. Now I may understand that sometimes something someone draws isn’t your cup of tea, that’s alright! But even if you show a little interest, a reblog does a world of difference.

Support your friends, Support those who care

I know this is all sounding a little preachy, but it’s something I needed to get off my chest. There are no complaints, there are no orders, just a call out from all us artists. From the big and professional, to the small and unseen. We all want to share our art with the world, and it can all begin with a reblog.

( I dont think I need to say that everyone should reblog this, it goes without saying no?)

reblogging for  awareness

100% agree. It also helps artists immensely when you reblog their commissions posts, because even if you aren’t interested in commissions at that time, other people might be, and reblogging it is the ONLY way other people are going to be able to see it who may not even know about this artist in the first place. It’s an incredibly simple and painless thing to do to promote one of your favorite artist’s lifestyles and to keep encouraging them to do what they do and make more things that you enjoy seeing.

Many artists take commissions to earn money for say, getting a new functional tablet, or paying bills, or other important things that go towards their art career. I always reblog other artists’ commissions posts out of respect and also because I want them to get the audience and clients every artist deserves. 



The Brazilian pygmy gecko (Coleodactylus amazonicus) is so small that raindrops pose a serious threat. Luckily, its body is so light and its skin so hydrophobic that it can shake off any drops that might land on it. It can even walk on water. 

Life (2009)

they go BOING on the leaves and then they go walk on water and stuff




aforementioned #operationhelporhush: the starter’s twitterteepsring shop, amazon wishlist, paypal

and Michael Brown’s Memorial Fund

Feed the Students of Ferguson (source: starter’s twitter St. Louis Foodbank Confirmation)

i have been seeing a lot of different links for different places to donate for bail and legal fees, but i haven’t been able to find anything on whether or not the funds have actually been going towards helping out the people of ferguson so

if you know of any more please add and spread them and if in doubt remember to google first

if i leave my door open maybe the cat will be curious and come wander over then i can give him pats against his will



Heyas, I wanted to share this auction I am currently holding, ending August 24th!

16 pages of inked sketches in rainbow colors! Please check it out or share - my fiance and I are trying to move into a bigger place so we can have his adolescent son move in on a permanent basis <:3

Thanks for looking! ♡